Our Project

We aim to create a complex covering a large area and providing a variety of high quality services.
High standing homes can host residents or tenants, with their aircraft, their cars or their boats.
Our marina, open the whole year, is for our clients to moor their boats.
We aim to create an Air Village with facilities, especially meant for aviation enthusiasts.
Our clients will be close to our luxury Hotel***** with its restaurants, bars and a disco on the beach.

cyberparcmyabdeslame-628x295aircraft hangar2random marina photo

This type of complex will be launched in different places around the world, but we decided to implement it first in Morocco. With its rich culture and heritage this country increasingly attracts tourists and residents. We can offer them a modern life style, luxurious, with high quality services. We think our project will fit into the Moroccan environment and landscape to our clients’ satisfaction.